Marketing With Interactive QR Codes

Let HiDefGraphics print your QR code decals today

HiDef Graphics can help you add QR codes to your products, signs, banners, business cards, etc. We will generate a QR code that forwards to your product webpage. We can print them on high quality vinyl banners, signs, posters, etc.  We can also print them as stickers. Sizes: 2″ Square, 3″ Square, 4″ Square, etc.

What exactly is a QR Code?

QR Codes or, “Quick Response” codes, are barcodes that can be read by mobile devices. They allow an interactive element to be effortlessly added to your printing.

A QR Code can include phone numbers, text messages, V-Card data, HTML links or even plain text. Once scanned, your phone or QR enabled device will translate the information and open the appropriate program to use the encoded data. The unique properties of QR Codes allow users to scan codes when they’re upside down or even wrapped around a curved surface.

There are many different QR code scanning utilities available for the different mobile devices on the market, many of them free. QR codes are extremely popular in Japan (where they were invented), but are just starting to catch on in the US. As they become more popular, more and more users will add theses utilities to their devices, and it is likely that eventually most mobile devices will ship with some type of QR reader installed.

QR Codes can be applied to these print marketing materials:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Yard Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Custom Decals
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Tradeshow Banners
  • Window Decals
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Site Signs
  • Point of Purchase
  • Panel Displays

And many more. There are unlimited creative uses for QR codes. Embrace this technology and we are positive you will find a marketing strategy that is beneficial to you or your company.

Add value to your print marketing with interactive QR Codes

When QR codes and printed materials join forces it is a win-win for consumers and marketers. Consumers simply scan the code with their mobile device and have instant access to:

  • An informative web page about your product, service, or event.
  • Your contact information, which can be added to their address book.
  • Text messages about sales events, incredible deals, or product specifications.
  • and so much more!

Creating and adding these codes to your printed materials can be achieved easily from our website.

All this and more is possible with QR Codes:

Place a QR code on your custom signage to deliver an interactive experience for the reader!